The all-embracing harmony of style

A world apart, Fiorile, entirely devoted to beauty plucked in full flower. For Sandra Ceni, every bloom has its own unique personality – just like each person who comes to Fiorile to select one. A flower becomes a source of inspiration for a bouquet, a precious arrangement, a dab of colour to take home. Between romanticism and minimalism, Sandra Ceni has built a universe entirely devoted to floral design, an expanding macrocosm that in recent years converses with a clientele from all over the world. She and her all-women team design and produce the perfect floral decors for any wedding, fashion show, exclusive party, corporate event or retail opening. To any request, even the most complex, Fiorile responds with a tailor-made project as perfect as a bespoke suit, drawing inspiration from a panoply of very different worlds and linking them into harmonious wholes thanks to a natural aptitude for a precise, sophisticated, unforgettable style.




From Fiorile. Where Else?

A wunderkammer, a ‘chamber of wonders’: perhaps the best description of Fiorile, the space Sandra Ceni has chosen as her headquarters, in the heart of Florence, inside the historic Palazzo Guicciardini. An unusual atmosphere reigns at Fiorile, whose doors are open to anyone who, walking down Via Santo Spirito, is struck by the stylistic cipher of the space, where flowers compose perfect harmonies with the small decorating objects Sandra finds in all parts of the world. A blossoming universe, where the colours of flowers mix with délabré woods, the scent of candles, the light of ancient stained glass. The sensitive, refined Fiorile style triumphs amongst chic suggestions, shabby accents, and contemporary nuances.


With the Faxiflora service, all that’s needed is a simple phone call to send a bouquet or a special flower arrangement anywhere in the world. And we are here to help you choose the perfect one.

Credit Card Payment

If you don’t have time to stop by, you can pay by credit card: just communicate your information.




Flower women

Sandra Ceni is the creative soul of Fiorile; she brings all her natural grace to her work – as well as all her professional energies and an unflagging passion. Since she decided to apply her encyclopaedic knowledge of flowers and her home decor expertise to floral design, she has developed a highly individual, eclectic and emotional style. Alongside Sandra is Alessandra, untiring and instinctive, the ‘other half of heaven’ at Fiorile, omnipresent in every creative and organisational aspect of each project. The other member of the all-star women’s team is Fanny, a young creative who matches interior design studies with experimentation of new floral suggestions. Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years and a consolidated network of experts, Sandra, Alessandra and Fanny can – and do – design and produce decors for events of any size, from private parties to large-scale events.