DIY: how to make a XMAS garland with Fiorile!


A DIY Christmas wreath, here is the idea of Fiorile to help you realize a crown and then hang it on your doorstep or arrange it as a centerpiece for your party lunches!

Monday, December 10 we’ll see you in Via Santo Spirito in Florence to teach you in a few hours to choose the right flowers and branches to build a Christmas wreath, choosing the details that match the style of your home.

There can be many ideas to make your wreath unforgettable, you can choose to use the fruit, along with spices, arrange berries of various kinds along with the branches of conifers but also choose candles and small colored balls.

A real tutorial but live with us, to learn a part of our work in a different way!

If you are interested call us by phone or send an email to, places are limited!

November 24 … and it’s already Christmas! Two different locations to find the right idea!


Saturday, November 24 Fiorile and Serendipity open the doors of their wunderkammer to start the shopping season!

This is the moment of the year in which Fiorile splits into two different points of sale to present its special selection of elements and decorations for Christmas.

The floral design store of Via Santo Spirito is the base to find objects, ideas, gifts in this time of year but just take a few steps in Lungarno Guicciardini 9R and discover Serendipity, the interior design showroom born from the partnership of Fiorile with Studio Area and Studio Puck.

Here you will find many ideas and suggestions for decorating your home, for example branches of conifers, berries, flowers, XMAS Trees but also a lot of decorations in metal such as gold, brass and bronze, colored vases, candles and lanterns to transform your living into a game of refined colors.

But more and more nature becomes part of the home athmosphere and for Christmas this trend is declined with decorations in natural materials such as wood, cork and felt.

The house will have a more Nordic style but fresh and contemporary.

All you need to do is choose your style!

Oh Oh Oh… Season’s Greetings!


Fiorile especially at Christmas turns into a real corner of wonders. With its Temporary Store dedicated to home decor for Xmas & end-of-year parties, it becomes more than just a shop selling flowers and floral accessories: it’s a real concept store that turns around beauty.

And this is why Fiorile is not only a flowers shop but also a place to find objects for the home and for the everyday, with proposals that bring aesthetics and harmony in front of everything… because just a flower chosen in the right color, a candle placed inside a lantern or a centerpiece like that of the photo, can really transform your home.

We are waiting for you in Florence, in Via Santo Spirito to welcome you in our “wunderkammer” and to wish you … Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So this is Christmas !


Do you know that the fruits are the new flowers? At Christmas, try preparing your table with mandarins, oranges or “golden” pineapples and then placed them in vases, jars and containers with elegant shapes such as those found in the Florile Christmas Temporary Store in Via Santo Spirito in Florence.

But the real “fruit” of winter are pine cones, beautiful to look at and scented with precious resins. The advantage is that they don’t “age” and keep their charm unaltered for all holidays.

The most chic decorations for this Christmas, however, are those made with the “succulents” or with the Dutch tubers, a decidedly fashionable touch for your family dinners or for the year-end party with friends.

Christmas Temporary Store


If you hide a shining soul waiting for Christmas to indulge in decorations, flowers, berries, garlands or Nordic style settings, now you know where to go.

Fiorile has opened the doors of its Christmas Temporary Store in Via Santo Spirito in Florence.

You will find everything you need (including a “lady” dressed in fir branches that welcomes you at the entrance!) from decorations for Christmas tree to crowns in typical Scandinavian style, from table centers and trees in various sizes up to lanterns and a section dedicated to bulbs made in Holland.

Now you just have to free the spirit of Santa Claus and think about your gift list!

3,2,1 ready for Christmas!


Pine cones, citrus, branches, moss, cinnamon berries, winter’s flowers … at Fiorile everything is ready to choose a perfect centerpiece for Christmas table.

Lucky fruit, alpine Trees or small apples like those you see in the picture: many ideas to create different and beautiful compositions that will transform the house into a hymn to creativity.

There are those who love traditions, those who want a more fun atmosphere, those who want to amaze.

Among lucky red fruits, balls and garlands to decorate the door of the house, candle holders and decorations that come directly from Holland, we are almost ready for our Christmas temporary shop a few steps from the shop in Florence in Via Santo Spirito 26r that from December 8 will open its doors to choose the best idea, for your style.

Fiorile for FILE, we start Christmas holidays with something sweet and useful


Fiorile supports “Christmas for File” charity event promoted by the “Fondazione Italiana di Leniterapia” hosted in Palazzo Corsini, with free entrance from Lungarno Corsini No. 8.

For the 2017 edition, the doors will open from Friday 1 to Sunday, December 3, from 10 am to 7 pm, to choose a XMAS gift that is good also for the heart as clothing and accessories for women, men and children, books, design articles, home textiles, jewelery and bijoux, fragrances and perfumes, as well as cosmetics and of course Panettone and Pandoro that have always characterized the initiative.

Fiorile invites you to participate because Christmas can become a moment to share something special that helps everyone!