Dinner in a park!


Summer, with its warm days, is the perfect season to organize outdoor dinners like the one we treated in a Florentine villa.

Nothing has been left to chance, every area of the park has been set up with floral decorations and accessories, following an elegant but impressive style.

We chose colors that match the trees and the green of the garden to create an atmosphere of continuity with the whole environment.

For an event like this, we also took care of lighting the garden, placing the candles in the most strategic points, on the lawn and along the paths, creating a beautiful atmosphere, while for the table, the gold candle holders have enhanced the floral compositions, made in shades of pink, lilac and purple.

The dinner thus assumed a refined and elegant tone, the park was enveloped in a magical atmosphere, leaving guests with an unforgettable memory!

Let the party begin!


We are in the most beautiful moment of the year, the one in which everyone wants to celebrate the holidays and so we are working to prepare amazing centerpieces and decorations for your homes.

To celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 when you think of a dinner with friends or at a more important party, the flowers and candles or decorative vases like those you see in the picture, will make the difference to immediately create the right atmosphere.

Among the most popular colors for the year-end parties, of course there is gold, just a candle or a small golden pumpkin to turn a corner of the house or the fireplace, in a warm and welcoming place.

From tomorrow December 27th we are waiting for you in Via Santo Spirito in Florence to find the best solution together and make your home a wonderful magic box!

Happy New Year and all the best!

A candlelit party


When you have a location like Castello di Vincigliata on the hills of Fiesole – a few kilometers from Florence – create a set for a party, turns into a real event.

This is what we did for Erin Quinlan Quiros, the creator of Casa Q, a consulting firm for interior design and home entertainment.

She has been living in Florence for some years and she has asked our team to organize her party. We were inspired by the castle and by the large windows that dialogue with the outside.

The atmosphere had to be inspired by the fairy light of the candles so we created large candelabras with branches, flowers and small glass bubbles where we placed the little candles, a motif then taken up for the table and in the various corners of the location.

A perfect mix that transformed the evening into an enchanted fairytale.

Fiorile partner of Perfect Italy Wedding


Fiorile has become partner of Perfect Italy Wedding one of the most important international platforms entirely dedicated to presenting the Italian Wedding resources offered by professionals in this sector.

Thanks to its high standards, meticulous attention to detail, constant efficiency and natural discretion, Fiorile – based in Florence in Via Santo Spirito 26R – now can be contacted through Perfect Italy Wedding to access a wide range of personalized services that include events, parties and wedding planning.

Fiorile works closely with each of its clients to create a wedding that exceeds all expectations, always leaving an unforgettable memory.

One ranunculus a day… until the Spring


Fiorile’s style is inspired by unusual color combinations and a contemporary modern taste, obviously following seasonality.

In these days of “great cold” the choice of Fiorile store in Via Santo Spirito in Florence, is to bring a breath of spring into the houses or to create special bouquets with the Ranunculus (or Buttercup), flowers loved by the world of fashion and entertainment.

The ranunculus has a somewhat ‘ball’ shape – but there are varieties with much less dense corollas – which blooms between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, bringing with its colors a breath of romance: red, orange, yellow, white and … green like the ones you see in the picture.

The buttercup does not smell, but it is a detail that does not detract from the beauty of these beautiful flowers, of which there are 600 species.

The pink shade is the most loved by all the fashion insiders who love to have on their desks or in their studios, buttercup vases to create a romantic corner… but with a lot of character!

Oh Oh Oh… Season’s Greetings!


Fiorile especially at Christmas turns into a real corner of wonders. With its Temporary Store dedicated to home decor for Xmas & end-of-year parties, it becomes more than just a shop selling flowers and floral accessories: it’s a real concept store that turns around beauty.

And this is why Fiorile is not only a flowers shop but also a place to find objects for the home and for the everyday, with proposals that bring aesthetics and harmony in front of everything… because just a flower chosen in the right color, a candle placed inside a lantern or a centerpiece like that of the photo, can really transform your home.

We are waiting for you in Florence, in Via Santo Spirito to welcome you in our “wunderkammer” and to wish you … Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Good holidays!


This is the right time to wish you a good holiday, Fiorile for the whole month of August will be closed but we will always work to organize weddings and think of the decor of many dinners that this season are organized in the wonderful gardens of the Tuscan countryside.

Having the fortune to own a garden like the one you see in this photo is the best opportunity to organize a summer party, a dinner for friends, a special birthday, an anniversary. Ideas to decorate the garden and turn it into an extraordinary location for your summer parties are endless.

Remember, whatever it is, it’s best to organize everything with style and good taste, because it is always great to surprise the guests! For this occasion we thought of a very “cool” style, a single table with a mise en place very chic, choosing as a decor a mix of flowers and fruits, such as the strawberries chosen to fill these little pots.

The purple of hydrangeas seemed to us a perfect match to harmonize with the red strawberries. We give you this little corner of paradise to wish you a wonderful vacation, not forgetting that in September we are waiting for you in the shop in Florence to introduce you the latest floral news!

Costa al Mandorlo Rooms with views on Tuscany


Poppiano is a small village near Montespertoli, few kilometers from Florence. It is here that Sandra Ceni has decided to create Costa al Mandorlo, a sophisticated mansion of charm.

A place to welcome those who love intact, authentic and beautiful panoramas, outside the mass tourism itineraries, Costa al Mandorlo – as its name suggests – is immersed in an atmosphere that smells of the trees and flowers that Sandra chose for this new project.

Few elegant and romantic rooms, all thanks to the sophistication of the materials and decorations chosen in the shabby chic style that distinguishes Sandra’s style, with frames and beds reclaimed by antiquarians or on the brocante market that has always frequented, then interpreted with the colors of Fiorile, its floral design shop in Florence.

A small veranda for summer breakfast on the garden and an open space for small events complete Costa al Mandorlo, a charming location that offers guests an authentic experience of “Tuscan way of life”.

We are online!

Fiorile shop


To everything there is a season. Maybe we have taken our time, but now we are online at the official Fiorile website, where every day you’ll discover not only flowers to brighten up your world but also all the news about what’s going on at our home base in Via Santo Spirito.

From now on, Fiorile will be a venue for celebrating little special events, for us to present our work, for sharing literary get-togethers, enjoying a cup of tea, meeting bloggers and wedding planners, introducing you to the multisensory world of our ‘secret garden’.

Fiorile is now a space for conversing and sharing, a reflection of the philosophy of elegance that distinguishes our style, the pier from which to embark on a journey to discover colours and scents and the flowers and objects that set the rhythms of our days.

The atmosphere at Fiorile is that of those special places which, once discovered, you never want to leave – and we are certain that by joining our community you will come to know us and share in our creative energy.