Dinner in a park!


Summer, with its warm days, is the perfect season to organize outdoor dinners like the one we treated in a Florentine villa.

Nothing has been left to chance, every area of the park has been set up with floral decorations and accessories, following an elegant but impressive style.

We chose colors that match the trees and the green of the garden to create an atmosphere of continuity with the whole environment.

For an event like this, we also took care of lighting the garden, placing the candles in the most strategic points, on the lawn and along the paths, creating a beautiful atmosphere, while for the table, the gold candle holders have enhanced the floral compositions, made in shades of pink, lilac and purple.

The dinner thus assumed a refined and elegant tone, the park was enveloped in a magical atmosphere, leaving guests with an unforgettable memory!

A luxury wedding in Florence


Among the most prestigious locations in Florence, the Four Seasons Hotel is certainly one of the most coveted to host the celebrations that precede and follow an exclusive wedding ceremony, allowing the preparation and the organization of luxurious celebrations designed in every detail.

It is here that we recently curated the floral decoration project for a super-chic wedding organized by “Your wedding in Florence”, together with Guido Guidi Ricevimenti and the photographer Sofia Balli.

A perfect team that has taken care of the entire event in every detail thanks to an impeccable organization, a location of high aesthetic value and the style impressed on the entire concept.

In agreement with the wedding planner, we chose a palette of sophisticated colors, such as white and green, which perfectly matched the golden details required by the theme.

Starting from the location, from the features that this offered, we found a common thread that allowed us to find very chic solutions to maximize the mise en place.

The location has been made unique by a perfect setting that has transformed the large halls into a dream environment to transport newlyweds and guests in a completely magical atmosphere.

Happy Easter!


It’s late spring and Easter is coming with the sun and the countryside full of flowers, this is the time to think about the right decoration to beautify the table and the house with the most beautiful flowers of this season.

Fiorile has set up its floral boutique in Via Santo Spirito in Florence, with daffodils, tulips, cherry branches and gems, these are in fact the flowers that we often find linked to Easter.

Many are the ideas to create compositions but also elements such as natural or decorated eggs and nests of branches to bring a festive air into your home or garden.

In addition to traditional flowers, even a simple idea like a bouquet of typical spring flowers is enough, perhaps combined with aromatic branches, to immediately create an original decoration.

Amazing the compositions with tulips that Fiorile prepares as a centerpiece for the family lunch and the bouquets with peach or cherry twigs that immediately bring fresh air inside the house, as well as the lilies of the valley that with their scent give a romantic touch to the environment.

Let the party begin!


We are in the most beautiful moment of the year, the one in which everyone wants to celebrate the holidays and so we are working to prepare amazing centerpieces and decorations for your homes.

To celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 when you think of a dinner with friends or at a more important party, the flowers and candles or decorative vases like those you see in the picture, will make the difference to immediately create the right atmosphere.

Among the most popular colors for the year-end parties, of course there is gold, just a candle or a small golden pumpkin to turn a corner of the house or the fireplace, in a warm and welcoming place.

From tomorrow December 27th we are waiting for you in Via Santo Spirito in Florence to find the best solution together and make your home a wonderful magic box!

Happy New Year and all the best!

November 24 … and it’s already Christmas! Two different locations to find the right idea!


Saturday, November 24 Fiorile and Serendipity open the doors of their wunderkammer to start the shopping season!

This is the moment of the year in which Fiorile splits into two different points of sale to present its special selection of elements and decorations for Christmas.

The floral design store of Via Santo Spirito is the base to find objects, ideas, gifts in this time of year but just take a few steps in Lungarno Guicciardini 9R and discover Serendipity, the interior design showroom born from the partnership of Fiorile with Studio Area and Studio Puck.

Here you will find many ideas and suggestions for decorating your home, for example branches of conifers, berries, flowers, XMAS Trees but also a lot of decorations in metal such as gold, brass and bronze, colored vases, candles and lanterns to transform your living into a game of refined colors.

But more and more nature becomes part of the home athmosphere and for Christmas this trend is declined with decorations in natural materials such as wood, cork and felt.

The house will have a more Nordic style but fresh and contemporary.

All you need to do is choose your style!

A candlelit party


When you have a location like Castello di Vincigliata on the hills of Fiesole – a few kilometers from Florence – create a set for a party, turns into a real event.

This is what we did for Erin Quinlan Quiros, the creator of Casa Q, a consulting firm for interior design and home entertainment.

She has been living in Florence for some years and she has asked our team to organize her party. We were inspired by the castle and by the large windows that dialogue with the outside.

The atmosphere had to be inspired by the fairy light of the candles so we created large candelabras with branches, flowers and small glass bubbles where we placed the little candles, a motif then taken up for the table and in the various corners of the location.

A perfect mix that transformed the evening into an enchanted fairytale.

An Autumn’s tale


Playing with Shakespeare our “Autumn story” begins with colors. From the foliage and the wonderful colors of the fallen leaves, inside our space in Via Santo Spirito in Florence, everything remembers the shades of orange, ochre, burnt, undergrowth green, ancient pink, white.

This is the month of Halloween but for us some small or big white pumpkin (definitely more beautiful than the classic orange one!) – a shabby chic trend – characterizes not only one of the most popular holiday of recent years but also the autumn atmosphere.

The right place to create a set for this season? Around the fireplace, of course if you own it, but especially in the kitchen or in a corner of the living room using some candles to break the mood.

Also for our bouquets we use these nuances, combining and mixing them together with violet and bordeaux flowers for a decidedly warm and elegant result.

London calling!


Creating a bouquet for McQueen was a real surprise for us.

It was enough to read the email to understand that it was the famous fashion brand, asking us to prepare a “wild but classic” bouquet to be delivered to their “mysterious” guest in Florence.

We got to work and we sent a photo to get their ok. After a while, our bouquet was on the way to be delivered.

We continue to get excited, maybe this is our secret when we work on a flowering creation like the one we did for McQueen, what counts for us is always the emotion!

Here in Florence inside our shop it’s easy to find the right inspiration among huge flowered vases, shelves full of design objects for our installations while outside there is a garden to give birth to new ideas … like the one that we have made for London!

A flower shop that turns in concept store


Fiorile is a floral store where you enter to buy a bouquet and discover new worlds. This is the destiny of the shop in Via Santo Spirito in Florence, in Oltrarno the coolest area of the city.

The most up-to-date florists are today real concept stores where different activities are coexisting and in continuous movement, able of running multiple universes around the flower design.

Now Fiorile is the center of gravity of many activities and a location with a slightly retro French mood that proposes alongside flowers, alternative experiences such as choosing a design object, planning a wedding in Tuscany but also organizing a party abroad.

Here, every day, the environment is furnished with fresh flowers always on sale, the goal of Sandra Ceni, owner and creative mind of the store, is to direct the customer through a journey of exploration given by a set of suggestions arising from both products exposed, both from the care of the service.

But a few steps from Via Santo Spirito on Lungarno Guicciardini 9R, recently Fiorile has contributed to the birth of a new synergy with Studio Puck – specializing in furnishing items with an unmistakable style – and Area – interior design studio – inaugurating the Serendipity showroom.

This new adress for design addicted (and not only) with its innovative spirit is a design concept store dedicated to interior design and floral arrangement especially for luxury retail and hotellerie but also for private residences around the world.

In short, it is worth taking a look, as well as flowers and sophisticated compositions, here are also special items in limited edition.

Serendipity, the right address for your floral and interior design project


Fiorile is not just a floral design shop, Sandra Ceni has always livened up her store of Via Santo Spirito in Florence, with new collaborations such as that with Studio Puck and Studio Area.

On June 24th – the day in which Florence celebrate its patroin saint San Giovanni with the famous fireworks that illuminate all the Lungarnos – it will be the opening of Serendipity, the new showroom born from the union between Fiorile, Studio Puck – wunderkammer of objects , furnishings, vases inspired by antique prints – and Studio Area, a well-known interior architecture firm that has always been linked to the world of luxury and the great hotel industry.

The idea behind Serendipity, a big space located inside the historic Palazzo Barocchi in Florence on Lungarno Guicciardini 9R, is to offer a place where you can find objects suddenly looking at a window, discovering something beautiful and unexpected that makes us happy (this is the reason for a name like Serendipity!).

In short, Serendipity is the right address where curious and design addicted can buy everything from floral arrangements to furniture and accessories but also find a group of professionals able to carry out complete interior design projects, suggesting a shopping experience really special.