Oh Oh Oh… Season’s Greetings!


Fiorile especially at Christmas turns into a real corner of wonders. With its Temporary Store dedicated to home decor for Xmas & end-of-year parties, it becomes more than just a shop selling flowers and floral accessories: it’s a real concept store that turns around beauty.

And this is why Fiorile is not only a flowers shop but also a place to find objects for the home and for the everyday, with proposals that bring aesthetics and harmony in front of everything… because just a flower chosen in the right color, a candle placed inside a lantern or a centerpiece like that of the photo, can really transform your home.

We are waiting for you in Florence, in Via Santo Spirito to welcome you in our “wunderkammer” and to wish you … Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So this is Christmas !


Do you know that the fruits are the new flowers? At Christmas, try preparing your table with mandarins, oranges or “golden” pineapples and then placed them in vases, jars and containers with elegant shapes such as those found in the Florile Christmas Temporary Store in Via Santo Spirito in Florence.

But the real “fruit” of winter are pine cones, beautiful to look at and scented with precious resins. The advantage is that they don’t “age” and keep their charm unaltered for all holidays.

The most chic decorations for this Christmas, however, are those made with the “succulents” or with the Dutch tubers, a decidedly fashionable touch for your family dinners or for the year-end party with friends.

Christmas Temporary Store


If you hide a shining soul waiting for Christmas to indulge in decorations, flowers, berries, garlands or Nordic style settings, now you know where to go.

Fiorile has opened the doors of its Christmas Temporary Store in Via Santo Spirito in Florence.

You will find everything you need (including a “lady” dressed in fir branches that welcomes you at the entrance!) from decorations for Christmas tree to crowns in typical Scandinavian style, from table centers and trees in various sizes up to lanterns and a section dedicated to bulbs made in Holland.

Now you just have to free the spirit of Santa Claus and think about your gift list!

3,2,1 ready for Christmas!


Pine cones, citrus, branches, moss, cinnamon berries, winter’s flowers … at Fiorile everything is ready to choose a perfect centerpiece for Christmas table.

Lucky fruit, alpine Trees or small apples like those you see in the picture: many ideas to create different and beautiful compositions that will transform the house into a hymn to creativity.

There are those who love traditions, those who want a more fun atmosphere, those who want to amaze.

Among lucky red fruits, balls and garlands to decorate the door of the house, candle holders and decorations that come directly from Holland, we are almost ready for our Christmas temporary shop a few steps from the shop in Florence in Via Santo Spirito 26r that from December 8 will open its doors to choose the best idea, for your style.

Fiorile for FILE, we start Christmas holidays with something sweet and useful


Fiorile supports “Christmas for File” charity event promoted by the “Fondazione Italiana di Leniterapia” hosted in Palazzo Corsini, with free entrance from Lungarno Corsini No. 8.

For the 2017 edition, the doors will open from Friday 1 to Sunday, December 3, from 10 am to 7 pm, to choose a XMAS gift that is good also for the heart as clothing and accessories for women, men and children, books, design articles, home textiles, jewelery and bijoux, fragrances and perfumes, as well as cosmetics and of course Panettone and Pandoro that have always characterized the initiative.

Fiorile invites you to participate because Christmas can become a moment to share something special that helps everyone!

It’s always the right month for a special wedding!


Excuse us for this long break from the blog but our summer was dense with parties, weddings and special events to be followed in Italy and abroad.

We have finally come back to tell you how certain event’s set can become inspirations for your wedding, perhaps for next September, one of the most chosen months for the big event.

So many reasons: the days are still long enough and the temperatures are pleasant. Everything is perfect if you decide to schedule an outdoor party like the one we show you where a beautiful floral “arc de triomphe” has characterized the whole project.

But the inspiration can be many, in September, the trees begin to change color by preparing for the beautiful autumn shades, let yourself be inspired by the september’s colors: give up the bright summer tones and take a look at the more delicate ones of the new season. And then say yes to hot oranges, tasty chocolate, green forest and red berries colors!

Good holidays!


This is the right time to wish you a good holiday, Fiorile for the whole month of August will be closed but we will always work to organize weddings and think of the decor of many dinners that this season are organized in the wonderful gardens of the Tuscan countryside.

Having the fortune to own a garden like the one you see in this photo is the best opportunity to organize a summer party, a dinner for friends, a special birthday, an anniversary. Ideas to decorate the garden and turn it into an extraordinary location for your summer parties are endless.

Remember, whatever it is, it’s best to organize everything with style and good taste, because it is always great to surprise the guests! For this occasion we thought of a very “cool” style, a single table with a mise en place very chic, choosing as a decor a mix of flowers and fruits, such as the strawberries chosen to fill these little pots.

The purple of hydrangeas seemed to us a perfect match to harmonize with the red strawberries. We give you this little corner of paradise to wish you a wonderful vacation, not forgetting that in September we are waiting for you in the shop in Florence to introduce you the latest floral news!

We have something in our heads!


We like to discover around the world, different accessories for home decor and special items to create layouts. From Sicily we have brought the famous “teste di moro” of Caltagirone, the real works of art known for their glittering and intense colors.

Symbol of Sicilian excellence, have become an icon and source of inspiration in fashion. But how to use them to avoid the ceramic museum effect? Certainly the “teste di moro”, available in women and men versions, do not go unnoticed: they have a very extravagant character, rich in details that recall Sicily’s ancient splendor.

First of all, you can use them in the “traditional way” to hold green plants or branches of any kind! In the world of home decor have become real design objects, they give a touch of romance, especially if we fill them with fresh flowers.

The most famous is the colorful version, one that you can find from Fiorile in Florence, perfect as scenic elements for important events such as weddings or hotel lounges setting up.

Costa al Mandorlo Rooms with views on Tuscany


Poppiano is a small village near Montespertoli, few kilometers from Florence. It is here that Sandra Ceni has decided to create Costa al Mandorlo, a sophisticated mansion of charm.

A place to welcome those who love intact, authentic and beautiful panoramas, outside the mass tourism itineraries, Costa al Mandorlo – as its name suggests – is immersed in an atmosphere that smells of the trees and flowers that Sandra chose for this new project.

Few elegant and romantic rooms, all thanks to the sophistication of the materials and decorations chosen in the shabby chic style that distinguishes Sandra’s style, with frames and beds reclaimed by antiquarians or on the brocante market that has always frequented, then interpreted with the colors of Fiorile, its floral design shop in Florence.

A small veranda for summer breakfast on the garden and an open space for small events complete Costa al Mandorlo, a charming location that offers guests an authentic experience of “Tuscan way of life”.

Weddings in June! How to choose the right flower without failing!


June is one of the favorite seasons to get married. The air is warm and the sky is clearer, in short all the ideal features to say “yes” in June.

When you decided to get married you would have thought about the perfect flowers for your wedding, maybe taken from your enthusiasm, you turned to the weddings planner with often stumbling requests without thinking about the season.

Our first advice is to always prefer seasonal flowers, nature will give you the best and you will surely find the answer to your wishes.

Do not be overwhelmed and follow our advice, in our store in via Santo Spirito in Florence – but also by mail if you come from far and have chosen Tuscany as an ideal location – we will suggest you in the hard but fun choice of perfect flower.

The first thing to do is to think about the style you have chosen to follow, romantic, chic, fashion, cheerful or country, all the details from the dress to the location, from the menu to the decor, must follow a precise guide line (improvisation In this case put it aside) and the flowers as the accessories that accompany them will really make a difference!

So what could be the flowers for the adornments and the bridal bouquet of June? You can bet on classic roses, always elegant and romantic, but beware of color: each has a different meaning.

Other flowers you can use are: buttercups, jasmine, daisies, hydrangeas, calle, lilies but also Peony, also called “rose without thorns”, is the symbol of elegance and romance.

It blooms from April to June and is the flower that now seems to be the favorite for fashion events, so to be protagonist on the pages of each lifestyle magazine. Peony flower is one of the most revered in the East for thousands of years as a bearer of luck and a happy marriage (so perfect for your most beautiful day).

A note of costume to understand the charm of this flower: Luoyang city, one of the seven imperial cities of China, located near the Yellow River in the Hanan Province, is considered China’s most important place for the fascinating flower.

Every year an international festival is held, a real paradise on earth for enthusiasts who can immerse themselves in exceptional flowering of every species and color. The plants have names like Red Sunshine, Blue Phoenix with its wings spread, a true floral poems that make Peony a unique flower.

If the queen of June doesn’t like, you can shift your attention to other very summer and particular flowers like turmeric, you can find them in various color gradations, from white to green, from pink to purple. Its shape is very special and you can use it for both floral decorations and bouquets.

If your character is solar, exuberant and want to make a scene, use the summer flower par excellence: the sunflower. A cheerful flower that suits perfectly country-chic weddings organized in the beautiful Tuscan countryside villas.

If you love weddings with a few guests, Fiorile will welcome you to its new Costa Al Mandorlo location in the beautiful Poppiano countryside, just a few miles from Florence.