Happy holidays!


And finally we arrived at the holidays but we are ready to start again in September with new ideas and projects.

In these months we have worked to meet the needs of our customers and create dream installations in Tuscany and abroad, we have transformed the most luxurious hotel lobbies and emphasized the image of prestigious Boutiques.

For us they were unique moments not only with big projects but also when we made a bouquet, a centerpiece for a romantic dinner or a layout for a garden party. Our projects always combine creativity, expertise and style and our watchword is uniqueness.

See you again in September to share new ideas in the name of elegance and savoir faire!

Good holidays!


This is the right time to wish you a good holiday, Fiorile for the whole month of August will be closed but we will always work to organize weddings and think of the decor of many dinners that this season are organized in the wonderful gardens of the Tuscan countryside.

Having the fortune to own a garden like the one you see in this photo is the best opportunity to organize a summer party, a dinner for friends, a special birthday, an anniversary. Ideas to decorate the garden and turn it into an extraordinary location for your summer parties are endless.

Remember, whatever it is, it’s best to organize everything with style and good taste, because it is always great to surprise the guests! For this occasion we thought of a very “cool” style, a single table with a mise en place very chic, choosing as a decor a mix of flowers and fruits, such as the strawberries chosen to fill these little pots.

The purple of hydrangeas seemed to us a perfect match to harmonize with the red strawberries. We give you this little corner of paradise to wish you a wonderful vacation, not forgetting that in September we are waiting for you in the shop in Florence to introduce you the latest floral news!