Flowers in fashion!


Florence is a city that seems immobile in its beauty but there are two weeks of the year, in January and June, that the historic center is transformed.

We are talking about the days when Pitti Immagine Uomo invades Florence with exceptional parties, events and fashion shows.

In June we too, with our flowers and our most creative ideas, dedicate ourselves to setting up locations and boutiques as happened for 2 very different locations such as Ferragamo and Santo Spirito 9.

For Ferragamo, for whom we have been designing for a long time of his luxury boutique in Via Tornabuoni, we have created bouquets inspired by the colors of the new summer collection, pale pink mixed with violet and deep green of decorative branches.

For Santo Spirito 9, a minimal fashion store, located just a few steps from our headquarters in Via Santo Spirito, we have instead created a real “sky” made with bunches of Limonio, a perennial herbaceous plant that turns from the wisteria to the intense violet.

In short, even the flowers on the occasion of Pitti Uomo, become fashionable!

A luxury wedding in Florence


Among the most prestigious locations in Florence, the Four Seasons Hotel is certainly one of the most coveted to host the celebrations that precede and follow an exclusive wedding ceremony, allowing the preparation and the organization of luxurious celebrations designed in every detail.

It is here that we recently curated the floral decoration project for a super-chic wedding organized by “Your wedding in Florence”, together with Guido Guidi Ricevimenti and the photographer Sofia Balli.

A perfect team that has taken care of the entire event in every detail thanks to an impeccable organization, a location of high aesthetic value and the style impressed on the entire concept.

In agreement with the wedding planner, we chose a palette of sophisticated colors, such as white and green, which perfectly matched the golden details required by the theme.

Starting from the location, from the features that this offered, we found a common thread that allowed us to find very chic solutions to maximize the mise en place.

The location has been made unique by a perfect setting that has transformed the large halls into a dream environment to transport newlyweds and guests in a completely magical atmosphere.

A not ordinary location!


The wedding of Federico d’Annunzio and Giulia Mazzoni has been defined eccentric and unconventional. The newlyweds that live in Florence, have chosen Fiorile for the floral arrangement of an important location as the “Vittoriale degli Italiani” at Gardone Riviera.

He is an entrepreneur but also the legitimate grandnephew of the poet and she is an artist who performs concerts all over the world.

The style chosen for the floral design project – curated entirely by the Fiorile team – was inspired by the bride and her clothes but also by the umbrellas and fans signed Gabriele d’Annunzio that were given to guests.

Romantic but contemporary as the bride wanted, a wedding where carmine red and pink peonies – which also composed the bouquet – stood out under the sun of the Puglia royal ship.

Among the invited: Michael Nyman and Roberto Cacciapaglia, the journalist Roberto D’Agostino, Mario Marzi and the jazzman Achille Succi.

An absolutely special wedding like the location, transformed by Fiorile in an extraordinary floral tableau!

Weddings in June! How to choose the right flower without failing!


June is one of the favorite seasons to get married. The air is warm and the sky is clearer, in short all the ideal features to say “yes” in June.

When you decided to get married you would have thought about the perfect flowers for your wedding, maybe taken from your enthusiasm, you turned to the weddings planner with often stumbling requests without thinking about the season.

Our first advice is to always prefer seasonal flowers, nature will give you the best and you will surely find the answer to your wishes.

Do not be overwhelmed and follow our advice, in our store in via Santo Spirito in Florence – but also by mail if you come from far and have chosen Tuscany as an ideal location – we will suggest you in the hard but fun choice of perfect flower.

The first thing to do is to think about the style you have chosen to follow, romantic, chic, fashion, cheerful or country, all the details from the dress to the location, from the menu to the decor, must follow a precise guide line (improvisation In this case put it aside) and the flowers as the accessories that accompany them will really make a difference!

So what could be the flowers for the adornments and the bridal bouquet of June? You can bet on classic roses, always elegant and romantic, but beware of color: each has a different meaning.

Other flowers you can use are: buttercups, jasmine, daisies, hydrangeas, calle, lilies but also Peony, also called “rose without thorns”, is the symbol of elegance and romance.

It blooms from April to June and is the flower that now seems to be the favorite for fashion events, so to be protagonist on the pages of each lifestyle magazine. Peony flower is one of the most revered in the East for thousands of years as a bearer of luck and a happy marriage (so perfect for your most beautiful day).

A note of costume to understand the charm of this flower: Luoyang city, one of the seven imperial cities of China, located near the Yellow River in the Hanan Province, is considered China’s most important place for the fascinating flower.

Every year an international festival is held, a real paradise on earth for enthusiasts who can immerse themselves in exceptional flowering of every species and color. The plants have names like Red Sunshine, Blue Phoenix with its wings spread, a true floral poems that make Peony a unique flower.

If the queen of June doesn’t like, you can shift your attention to other very summer and particular flowers like turmeric, you can find them in various color gradations, from white to green, from pink to purple. Its shape is very special and you can use it for both floral decorations and bouquets.

If your character is solar, exuberant and want to make a scene, use the summer flower par excellence: the sunflower. A cheerful flower that suits perfectly country-chic weddings organized in the beautiful Tuscan countryside villas.

If you love weddings with a few guests, Fiorile will welcome you to its new Costa Al Mandorlo location in the beautiful Poppiano countryside, just a few miles from Florence.