A flower shop that turns in concept store


Fiorile is a floral store where you enter to buy a bouquet and discover new worlds. This is the destiny of the shop in Via Santo Spirito in Florence, in Oltrarno the coolest area of the city.

The most up-to-date florists are today real concept stores where different activities are coexisting and in continuous movement, able of running multiple universes around the flower design.

Now Fiorile is the center of gravity of many activities and a location with a slightly retro French mood that proposes alongside flowers, alternative experiences such as choosing a design object, planning a wedding in Tuscany but also organizing a party abroad.

Here, every day, the environment is furnished with fresh flowers always on sale, the goal of Sandra Ceni, owner and creative mind of the store, is to direct the customer through a journey of exploration given by a set of suggestions arising from both products exposed, both from the care of the service.

But a few steps from Via Santo Spirito on Lungarno Guicciardini 9R, recently Fiorile has contributed to the birth of a new synergy with Studio Puck – specializing in furnishing items with an unmistakable style – and Area – interior design studio – inaugurating the Serendipity showroom.

This new adress for design addicted (and not only) with its innovative spirit is a design concept store dedicated to interior design and floral arrangement especially for luxury retail and hotellerie but also for private residences around the world.

In short, it is worth taking a look, as well as flowers and sophisticated compositions, here are also special items in limited edition.

Serendipity, the right address for your floral and interior design project


Fiorile is not just a floral design shop, Sandra Ceni has always livened up her store of Via Santo Spirito in Florence, with new collaborations such as that with Studio Puck and Studio Area.

On June 24th – the day in which Florence celebrate its patroin saint San Giovanni with the famous fireworks that illuminate all the Lungarnos – it will be the opening of Serendipity, the new showroom born from the union between Fiorile, Studio Puck – wunderkammer of objects , furnishings, vases inspired by antique prints – and Studio Area, a well-known interior architecture firm that has always been linked to the world of luxury and the great hotel industry.

The idea behind Serendipity, a big space located inside the historic Palazzo Barocchi in Florence on Lungarno Guicciardini 9R, is to offer a place where you can find objects suddenly looking at a window, discovering something beautiful and unexpected that makes us happy (this is the reason for a name like Serendipity!).

In short, Serendipity is the right address where curious and design addicted can buy everything from floral arrangements to furniture and accessories but also find a group of professionals able to carry out complete interior design projects, suggesting a shopping experience really special.

A not ordinary location!


The wedding of Federico d’Annunzio and Giulia Mazzoni has been defined eccentric and unconventional. The newlyweds that live in Florence, have chosen Fiorile for the floral arrangement of an important location as the “Vittoriale degli Italiani” at Gardone Riviera.

He is an entrepreneur but also the legitimate grandnephew of the poet and she is an artist who performs concerts all over the world.

The style chosen for the floral design project – curated entirely by the Fiorile team – was inspired by the bride and her clothes but also by the umbrellas and fans signed Gabriele d’Annunzio that were given to guests.

Romantic but contemporary as the bride wanted, a wedding where carmine red and pink peonies – which also composed the bouquet – stood out under the sun of the Puglia royal ship.

Among the invited: Michael Nyman and Roberto Cacciapaglia, the journalist Roberto D’Agostino, Mario Marzi and the jazzman Achille Succi.

An absolutely special wedding like the location, transformed by Fiorile in an extraordinary floral tableau!

The country wedding is easy and chic


Close your eyes and imagine your wedding day in the country and in perfect easy and chic style. Fiorile – floral design store in Florence – will drive you on your journey in search of the perfect setting perhaps in a Tuscan villa up to the hills, preparing for you a romantic floral arch and a poetic bouquet like your dress.

The colors of the season are mixed in a blaze of fresh and cheerful contrasts and ideas are not lacking like the bridesmaids bouquet.

Elegance and freshness are the keywords that distinguish the events of late spring and early summer, characterized by lanterns scattered along the avenues to outline the paths that lead inside the location, hanging glass boulle with small tealight inside and original centerpieces like those designed by Fiorile for … your easy and chic wedding!

Fiorile reveals you which are the right flowers for the Mum’ Day!


Little time is left at Mother’s Day and we are still thinking about what to give them. For May 13, the second Sunday of the month official date to celebrate this special day, you do not need to find strange things, flowers will surely be the most appreciated gift.

Fiorile unveils you which are the most appreciated flowers for this occasion and waiting for you to create the perfect bouquet to surprise your mother.

The rose certainly, a classic that never loses charm, choose the color pink, the most indicated shade.

Even the dahlia that with its cheerful nuances, will make her smile and will put joy on the house.

Peony, one of the most chic flowers, will be appreciated for its elegance. And then the tulip, ideal for younger mothers, who will appreciate them especially in shades of yellow and orange.

Finally, a delicate mix of wild flowers, will transform the house of the mother in a Provencal villa, perhaps combined with branches of aromatic plants such as rosemary.

Now you just have to run to Fiorile in Via Santo Spirito 26R in Florence and choose the perfect flower for your mum!

Fiorile’s ideas for restyling the home in Spring


Flowers in the vases, a plant on the windowsill, the terrace ready for a party with friends, the house is renewed with the ideas of Fiorile for Spring.

The beautiful season is finally in the air, we are all struggling with the changes of the closets, this is a special moment to renew everything and then Fiorile offers you some tips to give a spring even to the house.

A restyle for rooms, terrace and garden and everything will look more beautiful!

Take buttercups to fill small jars to place on the shelves; choose a little orchid for a corner of the living room or for the bathroom; transform the terrace with the objects of design that Fiorile presents in its shop in Via Santo Spirito in Florence, perhaps a lantern or shabby style vase holders.

And last but not the least in the garden you will not have to miss green climbing plants and green branches to capture the colors of the most flowery season of the year.

Fiorile partner of Perfect Italy Wedding


Fiorile has become partner of Perfect Italy Wedding one of the most important international platforms entirely dedicated to presenting the Italian Wedding resources offered by professionals in this sector.

Thanks to its high standards, meticulous attention to detail, constant efficiency and natural discretion, Fiorile – based in Florence in Via Santo Spirito 26R – now can be contacted through Perfect Italy Wedding to access a wide range of personalized services that include events, parties and wedding planning.

Fiorile works closely with each of its clients to create a wedding that exceeds all expectations, always leaving an unforgettable memory.

Flowers, eggs, feathers and … it’s Easter!


Narcissus, tulip, lily, rose… did you know that they are all linked to Easter? These are the perfect flowers (but also eggs, feathers and small bunnies as suggested by Fiorile) to decorate your home for Easter. Just follow the advice of Fiorile Floral Design Store and you can choose many ideas to embellish the table or to bring a festive atmosphere at home.

In addition to the traditional Easter flowers you can also use the typical spring flowers, a bouquet of season accompanies the eggs with aromatic plants for a fresh and original decoration.

But also a fantastic Easter wreath like the ones that Fiorile, in Via Santo Spirito 11 in Florence, will make for you, to welcome your friends to the door or to place it in the center of your table in perfect “country-chic” style!

Easter is coming…it’s the right time to learn how to make a garland!


A homemade Easter wreath is the ideal decoration to make your home special for parties.

Making it is not difficult, Fiorile has organized for Sunday, March 25, the workshop “Happy Easter” to teach you how to make a perfect Easter wreath to hang on your doors or to use as a centerpiece.

With the right tools, materials and flowers that Fiorile will make available to you, you will be able to create a garland that will be admired and appreciated by everyone, creating the right atmosphere in your home.

Spring is already in the air, Fiorile is waiting for you on March 25 at 10 am in Via Santo Spirito 26R and discover the secrets of DIY !

To sign up for the workshop and get information, just call 055/2049032.

Valentine’s day…let’s give the numbers with the roses!


Valentine’s Day is the saint of lovers but obviously has nothing to do with cards and flowers that have become traditional gifts since the last century.

Apart from the legends, what interests is that on this day the lovers give more roses than chocolates! Just count the roses to understand what it meant who gave them to you!

The language of flowers has no boundaries, they are given in traditional numbers: 108 roses for a marriage proposal, 99 to say eternal love. For a love at first sight just 1 rose, you need 9 for a story that continues. 10 are for perfect love and 11 indicate uniqueness. 13 are for a burning passion and 20 for a sincere love.

Now you just need to choose the right number and Fiorile – floral design store in Florence – will prepare them in a magical and elegant “rosesbox”!