Valentine’s day…let’s give the numbers with the roses!


Valentine’s Day is the saint of lovers but obviously has nothing to do with cards and flowers that have become traditional gifts since the last century.

Apart from the legends, what interests is that on this day the lovers give more roses than chocolates! Just count the roses to understand what it meant who gave them to you!

The language of flowers has no boundaries, they are given in traditional numbers: 108 roses for a marriage proposal, 99 to say eternal love. For a love at first sight just 1 rose, you need 9 for a story that continues. 10 are for perfect love and 11 indicate uniqueness. 13 are for a burning passion and 20 for a sincere love.

Now you just need to choose the right number and Fiorile – floral design store in Florence – will prepare them in a magical and elegant “rosesbox”!